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Happy Designer Résumé

Adam Srebniak
UI Designer & UX Consultant

Summary About Adam
Adam is a multidisciplinary graphic & experience designer from Poznan, Poland. On an everyday basis he deals in consulting and solving issues connected with UX for business as well as creating attractive and intuitive user interfaces for webpages, software & applications. Moreover, Adam is heavily inclined towards gamification and fluent communication via HTML.
Skills From knowlege and practice
Exemplary knowledge of Adobe CC software family (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,  After Effects, Premiere Pro).
Ability to create icons, infographics, print materials, branding, vector graphics, sketches, key visuals and parsley silhouette.
Knowledge of design patterns and documentations for multiple devices (mobile, desktop, tv, wearables).
Excellent knowledge of responsive web design (Fixed, Fluid, Adaptive).
Highly qualified in the field of User Experience segments (Creating Personas, Information Architecture, Card Sorting, Sitemaps, Customer Journeys, Users Flows, Mock-ups, Prototypes, Specifications, Blueprints, Wireframes, Visual Design et al.).
Knowledge of: Usability, Accessibility, Red Routes, Design Thinking, Product Thinking, HCl, CX, UX, KPI, A / B Testing, UCD.
Very good orientation in programs for the preparation of various documents (Google Docs, Axure, InVision, UXPin, etc.).
Familiarity with motion graphics, animations and film editing.
Above-average ability to create semantic HTML and CSS.
Satisfactory knowledge of JavaScript (including jQuery and Node.js).
Ability to use databases (MongoDB, MySQL).
Basic familiarity with PHP and C++.
Valuable knowledge about marketing, mass media (including social media), storytelling, gamification.
Predisposition to create rhetorical and persuasive content.
Ability to communicate proper visual communication and persuasion.
Good English spoken and written.
Traits From experience and cooperation
The passion for design theory, typography, pixel perfect and relentless attention to detail.
Self-reliance and good time management 
Willingness to share knowledge and experience, as well as the willingness to quickly learn new tools and skills.
The ability to accept and give constructive criticism, as well as the ability to draw conclusions.
Effects focused, holistic view and a high perception.
The ability to balance between the various tasks and unconventional thinking in many ways.
Comfort in complex situations and passion for solving unusual problems.
The ability to search and adaptation of relevant information.
Commitment, motivation and incisiveness.
Ability to work in a team (designers, developers, stakeholders, participants, customers) and use the correct language for the group.
Good interpersonal communication, openness, talent to make connections and to build trust.
Very positive attitude, empathy and total resistance to negative stress.
Experience Selected works
Independent UX Consultant
Apr 2013 - present (3y)
Currently besides graphic design Adam deals with the usability consulting, gamification and preparation of appropriate documentation. From creating a persona, wireframes to visual mock-ups.
Plodni.com - UI/UX Designer   
Aug 2013 - May 2016 (3y)
Adam worked here on full range of marketing, strategic and graphics activities along with the execution in a usable form. From the stacking strategy through the first user tests to create complex interfaces. Here he also learned how to establish company from the nucleus to the full independence.
DlaSchroniska.pl - UI/UX Designer
May 2014 - May 2016 (2y)
Amazing platform for shelters crowdfunding made from the very beginning. The multiplicity of iteration, testing and problems that Adam met on his way in this project allowed him to start the adventure of User Experience for business.
NaszeZoo.pl - Visual Designer
Apr 2014 - Apr 2016 (2y)
Online store through which Adam knew modus operandi of e-commerce. In addition to co-op campaigns and projects of the product, he was also involved in graphics support for social media and printed materials.
Support IT - UI Designer & Developer
Mar 2011 - Oct 2013 (2y)
Adam dealt with the technical & technology support for client companies. Thanks to acquired skills in IT management and the necessary foundations of human machine interactions. Another activity was the design and develop websites for company clients.
Independent Graphic Designer & Developer
Jan 2000 - present (16y)
From the beginning, Adam worked on graphic and technological support for smart companies. From the branding, prints like business cards, brochures, catalogues through the interfaces of websites on the implementation of solutions (html, css, js, php) on top of it. These tasks were beginning to career oriented on recognition of human needs.
Publications That influenced my work
100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
- Susan M. Wienschenk
‘Badania Jako Podstawa Projektowania User Experience’
- Iga Mościchowska, Barbara Rogoś-Turek
Designing Brand Identity
- Alina Wheeler
JavaScript: The Good Parts
- Douglas Crockford
Getting Things Done 
- David Allen
Measuring the User Experience 
- Thomas Tullis & William Albert
The Lean Startup
- Eric Ries
Don't Make Me Think
- Steve Krug
The Art of war
- Sun Tzu
- Philip Kotler
Interests Related to passion
Psychology, cognitive science, the study of human behavior, mindhacking.
New technologies, futuristic interfaces, gadgets, machines of the future.
Gamification and competition.
Product Thinking and design trends.
Big Data, economics, economy,
Tools Used to improve my works
Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro)
Axure, UXPin, InVision
Google Docs, MS Office
Asana, Trello
Any other
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